BATHROOMS - I have known and loved before.......

BATHROOMS -  I have known and loved before.......

You know, sometimes you've just gotta go. What happens to me more often than to other people, and I have visited more than my share of bathrooms. Because I like photography and generally have a phone with me - if not my camera - hubby suggested that I do a photo series of bathrooms I have used.

I think this was to make me feel better about continually having to find the closest one! I don't claim that these are the most beautiful, well taken, photos - I was trying to be discreet - but I think the comparison is interesting.

There are shades of Red bathrooms:

There are Shades of Blue bathrooms: (hmmm - only one - maybe because I use women's restrooms?)

Shades of Green bathrooms:

And Shades of Grey bathrooms: (lots of shades of grey)

There are Shades of White bathrooms: (are there shades of White?)

And Purple bathrooms:

There are bathrooms that defy description:

And lastly - there are outdoor bathrooms. Who doesn't want a koi pond in their bathroom?

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