About my blog...

The travel side will feature my travels - past and future. The lifestyle side will give me a chance to talk about any issue I care about. Come along with me and see the parts of the world that I see. Let me know what you like and the kind of things you would like to know. This is about me, but I want to take you to places you would love to see and will see them the best I can through your eyes.

I've struggled to get this up and running. For those who have never tried, the blogging world can be very technical and an enormous learning curve. Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't have a computer-savvy bone in my body. I had never heard of SEO's, and I am still nowhere near efficient - or even in the ballgame. That means roping in some help - which I am hoping to do.

Thanks to my son for setting the actual site up for me.

I officially stop work at the end of this week (March 6, 2020), which will give me more time to focus on this, just in time for our 100 day trip to Europe and back.
If you liked to follow along, go to the end of any post and subscribe. You will get an email asking you to accept it. Once you have done that, you will get an email every time I post. If you enjoy it, please let other people know.

Thanks for stopping by.