About my blog...

Travel and photography are the main features of my blog- past and future. Come along with me and see the parts of the world I see. Let me know what you like and the kind of things you would like to know. My writing is about me, but I want to take you to places you would love to see and see them the best I can through your eyes.

I've struggled to get this up and running. For those who have never tried, the blogging world can be very technical and has an enormous learning curve. Anyone who knows me can tell you I don't have a computer-savvy bone in my body. I had never heard of SEOs, and I am still nowhere near efficient - or even in the ballgame. That means roping in some help - which I am hoping to do. Thanks to my son for setting up the actual site for me.

I officially stopped work on March 6, 2020, intending to start travelling the following week. We all know now that was when the world stopped turning in the way we were familiar with, and COVID-19 took over.

I am revising this in December 2023; my life has changed since I started in 2019. In May of this year, the love of my life died while we were travelling in Croatia. That is changing this blog, as well. I talk about how life and travel have changed.