About me!

My name is Gaye, and I am a travel junkie in need of a fix. I have always been torn between travel, creative arts and the law. For a couple of decades, criminal law has won, and I've been working as a Victim Support Caseworker. Now I am giving in to my creative side by including travel and lifestyle in this blog.

Travel doesn't always go the way we plan, and I will include any mishaps, mistakes and missteps along the way.

I travelled extensively in my 20's and then traded that in for babies and working. Since my children aged into adulthood, John and I started venturing again. But work has meant that most of those trips have been as a tourist and not a traveller. Not enough time to dive deeply. With retirement, we are looking at various different ways to approach my love of travel without income.

Initially, we were going to head to southern Europe for 3 months while John was still working online three days a week. However, as we all know COVID19 changed the world - and everyone's plans, including ours.

So, I have spent some time looking back at past travel and offering my memories and photos, and checking out things in my own backyard in beautiful Vancouver.

With things opening up, slowly, we are venturing out and adding new content to the old.

Come along to see how it all works out.