About me!

My name is Gaye, and I am a travel junkie in need of a fix. Criminal law won for several decades when I was torn between travel, creative arts and the law. I satisfied that interest by working as a Victim Support Caseworker. I am giving in to my creative side by including travel and personal lifestyle in this blog.

Travel doesn't always go as planned, and I will include any mishaps, mistakes and missteps along the way.

I travelled extensively in my 20s and traded that for babies and working. Since my children aged into adulthood, John and I started venturing again. But work meant that most of those trips have been as a tourist and not a traveller. It hasn't given me enough time to dive deeply. With retirement, we looked at various ways to approach my love of travel without income.

Initially, we were to head to southern Europe for three months while John worked online thrice weekly. However, as we all know, COVID-19 changed the world - and everyone's plans, including ours, came to a halt.

During that time, I looked back at past travel, used my memories and photos, and checked out things in my backyard in beautiful Vancouver.

John and I spent up to 8 months of the year travelling in the past couple of years. John was still working remotely. At the same time he was working, I was experimenting with vlogging. I'm not quite ready to release those, but it is coming soon.

I had let blogging slide while doing that, but I am back at both now. I have lots of time on my hands as the love of my life has passed. He was my technical advisor. So, as well as everything else he did, I added that to my list!

I hope you enjoy what you read and see.